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A Musical Comedy



Cast: 33 (13m, 20f but variable) + crowd.
Suggested Age Range: 8 to 13 but could extend upwards.
Approx. Running Time: 75 minutes [ + interval]
Music: Lively "big band" numbers for ensembles and ballads, mostly in 1930s styles; accompaniment should be largely brass/wind but could be piano and drums.
Set: Three settings: Act I in a forest clearing; Act II on Blackpool Promenade; Act III inside the Theatre.
Synopsis: Jezebel, High Priestess of the Pendle Coven of Witches, divides her time between plotting against Police Chief Perceval Plodthwaite and his intrepid force and provoking the Witches' latest recruit Belinda - who only joined them because of a spelling mistake!
When Jezebel hears that the celebrated Music Hall star Sandy Castle is lampooning her in his act, she declares war on him too and the broomstick squadron set off for Blackpool. Chaos ensues and everyone finally meets in direct conflict on the stage of the theatre, on August Bank Holiday, 1930. There is a mad frolic and a happy ending!
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WITCHES! was commissioned by Granada Television for the National Youth Music Theatre

:ISBN 978 1 872475 05 9

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